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How To Add Music To Facebook Post?

Play Music On Your Phone While Creating A Video

How To add Music to Facebook Post

One way to bypass Instagrams restrictions of only being able to add music to Story includes getting a little creative. If you are a good problem-solver, this might have already crossed your mind. Were talking about multitasking and playing music on your phone as youre recording the video.

If youre an iPhone user, you can open up the Music app on your device and queue up the song youd like to play. After you navigate to Instagram and select Story, youll need to swipe up to open the Control Center. From there, play the song you chose, exit the control center, and start filming your Story with the music in the background.;

Does this sound like too big of a hassle? Thats because it is.;

While not exactly technically challenging, the problem with this approach is that Apple Music isnt royalty-free. The app is, at its core, a streaming service. The idea behind it is to let you listen to your favorite tracks, but that doesnt mean you can add them to your content.;

In other words, the only way to know whether you can use a certain tune in your videos is to go back to creating an Instagram Story, selecting the Music sticker, and seeing if the song youre planning to use is featured there.;

There has to be an easier way to add music to videos on your Instagram feed, right? The good news is, there are dozens of free video editing apps that let you add music to your videos, which you can then easily upload to Instagram.;

Invideo making Video Editing A Breeze

InVideo is a powerful yet extremely easy to use video editor. Our platform is browser-based, so there is no download required, and you dont have to worry about storage or whether your devices specifications will impact your editing capabilities.;

The best thing about our video editing app is that you can get started right away for free! All you need to do is create an account on our website, and you can start making captivating videos in minutes. With our free plan, you can create and export up to 60 videos per month!;

Our platform features an intuitive drag-and-drop video editor that will allow you to embellish your videos with filters, layers, transitions, effects, and morewith only a few clicks, even if you have no video editing experience.;

You can choose from over 2,000 professionally designed templates and tweak each element to create that perfect video.;

InVideo Instagram Story Templates

You can browse templates by use-case or by the type of video you want to create:

  • Instagram Story
  • Snapchat Story
  • LinkedIn Newsfeed post

One of the amazing features you can utilize is Music! InVideo provides an extensive library of audio tracks that you can add to your videos with a single click.;

Well give you a short, step-by-step guide to adding music to your videos on our platform, so you can see just how easy the whole process is with InVideo.

How To Add Music To Your Instagram Videos With Invideo

Creating stunning videos with our platform literally takes less than 15 minutes, even if youve never opened a video editor in your life. Thanks to our wide range of pre-made templates, you dont have to start editing from scratch, which speeds up the process dramatically.

After you log in, the Pre-made templates option on the homepage will be selected by default. What you need to do is select Instagram Post or Instagram Story as the type of video you want to create.

InVideo Homepage

For this example, well go with Instagram Post since there is no option to add music to videos on your Instagram newsfeed through the social media platform itself.;

After clicking on the Instagram Post button, youll see five featured templates for different types of videos. These are the most popular ones, but you can always click the View All button in the top right corner to see the entire list of Instagram-related templates.

Say you wanted to promote your Bakery on Instagram. This Dessert Day Quote template would be a perfect fit.;

Dessert Day Quote Template

On the left, you can see the length of the pre-made template and preview it. Make sure you select the Square option on the right side of the screen if youre planning to post the video on your feed, rather than as a Story. Then, click the Use this template option to fire up the video editor.

InVideo Music Feature

  • Happy
  • Romantic
  • Entertaining
    • Add before trackthe audio will play alongside the video

Timeline Audio Editing

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How Do You Add Music To Your Instagram Stories

There are 2 ways you can add music to your Instagram stories: Add music to your Instagram stories using the app itself Use an online video editor like InVideo to create professional-quality stories when you want to use custom music or stock music for branded content. Lets look at both these methods.;

How to add music to Instagram stories using the Instagram App?

Follow these simple steps:;

Step 1: You can shoot the video on Instagram itself or just upload one from your camera roll. In any case, first, launch the Instagram app and click on the Your Story icon on the top left corner of your app.

Step 2: You can either select a video from your camera roll by clicking on the browse icon on the bottom left corner of your screen or a simpler way to access this is to swipe up and you can now choose the file from your camera roll.; If you want to shoot your Instagram Stories from the app, simply press the shutter button continuously to record it.;

Step 3: Now that you have the video you want to upload, its time to add music to it. You can turn off the original video sound if needed by clicking on the sound icon on the top menu. Next click on the media icon you use to add GIFs and emojis to your Instagram Stories.

Step 4: Here youll find an option labeled Music – tap on it.;

Note that no matter what option you will use to edit your music, you will see a sticker or corresponding lyrics on your Instagram story.

How to add your own music to an Instagram story?

What Type Of Music Can You Add To Your Instagram Videos


Adding music to Instagram stories used to be frowned upon. Now, its uncommon to run into a story from a brand or an influencer that doesnt feature some tunes.

So, whats changed?;

The short answer is Instagrams policy. While the platform wasnt too kind to people who uploaded music alongside their videos or had tunes blasting in the background while recording stories, Instagram has become a lot more lenient. Its come to the point where the platform is actually encouraging people to include music in their videos.;

That said, there are some limitations to which tunes you can use in your videos, as well as how long youre playing the songs for. The main reason why Instagram frowned upon music in the first place and the reason why these limitations exist today is due to copyright laws.;

The last thing Instagram wants is to limit the creativity of its users. At the same time, they cant afford to take the risk of letting everyone stream copyrighted music on the platform. Theres a high chance theyd end up in a lawsuit that would almost certainly end in astronomical fines.;

If that were the caseand you could add whichever music you likeyoud end up in a world of trouble too. Thats why Instagram is vigilant when it comes to music and has clearly defined policies that you should be aware of.;

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Need Sounds On Instagram Stories

    • Open Instagram on your Android or iOS device and swipe left to write a story.
    • Now take a picture or video with the Instagram camera app or select the same directly from your gallery.
    • Then, swipe up and choose the Music sticker. You will now see a complete music library with two categories, namely For You and Browse.
    • Choose a soundtrack by genres such as pop, Punjabi, rock, jazz or topics such as travel, family, love, party etc. Alternatively, you can also search for your favorite songs and add them.
    • After choosing the song, choose the part of the song that you want to add to your story.
    • You can also add lyrics and choose from different formats.
    • Now tap on complete. You can now share the music history with your followers or close friends.
    • Tap and your story will be added.

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How To Use Copyright Music On Instagram

If youve ever wanted to use copyright music on Instagram, youve likely struggled to find factual information. Some documentation suggests freedom with credit. Other information says otherwise. Thats made more complicated by changing rules over the years and different Instagram features. Today, were giving you ALL the rules and requirements to use copyright music on Instagram. Well also break it down by feature, enabling you to find the information youre seeking for the video youre creating!

The contents of this post do not constitute legal advice and are subject to change. Always pay attention to Instagrams direct insight, as well as any in-app suggestions or restrictions. The nature of copyright music is ever-evolving, and as such, the best advice is only to use music you have the rights to use.

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How Do You Get Music On Your Instagram Reels

Just like Instagram Stories, there are 2 ways you can add music to your Instagram reels. You can either use the Instagram app or an online video editor like InVideo.;

How to add music to Instagram reels using the Instagram App?

The easiest way to add music to your is to add a track from within the app itself. If you are creating a reel on a current trend, it is recommended that you use the Instagram app to add the original source of music to get a wider reach. This helps your content get discovered on the explore page for that trend. Heres a quick step-by-step on how to add music to your Instagram reels:

Step 1: You can shoot your video on Instagram itself or just upload a video to the app. Once you are ready with your video, its time to upload it to Instagram. For this, launch the Instagram app. Go to the Your Story icon on the top left corner of the app and then navigate to Reels.

Step 2: Tap on the browse icon at the bottom left of your screen or just swipe up to upload your video. Once uploaded, you should see your video on the screen. If you dont see it, simply tap the preview button to do so.

Step 3: Now tap on the music icon in the top menu on your screen.;

Step 4: If your video already has sound, you will see a screen with 2 audio sources. You can reduce the camera audio as required. Then tap on the Add music icon on the right side of the screen to add a song or music to your Instagram Reel.

How to add your own music to Instagram Reels?

Adding Music To An Instagram Video Through The App


There is an option to add music to your Instagram Stories, although its not readily apparent. Keep in mind that this only applies to Stories, and the option will not exist if youre posting a video to your Instagram feed.;

If youve played around with all the different gifs, filters, stickers, and other effects on Instagram, youve likely noticed a sticker labeled Music. If not, heres how youll find it:

    • Span a picture or record a video
    • Before you post it, click the Sticker button
    • Select Music and choose a tune

Instagram Music

Image source:

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Need Music On Your Instagram Videos On The Go

InVideo is an excellent tool if you want to sit down at your computer and create stunning videos that your followers will adore and thatll go viral. But what about all those situations when youre out and about and want to create an Instagram video with music and post it right away?;

Here are a few apps you can use to add music to your videos on your mobile device:

    • Videoshop
  • Video trimming, splitting, and merging
  • Filters and effects
  • Stickers and text overlay

Each of these apps covers the basic video editing features, like trimming and flipping the videos, adding transitions, filters, layers, etc. It also allows you to add music to the video directly from the app.;

Theyre all decent choices if youre looking to create an Instagram post or Story with a catchy tune on the fly. If youre looking for a video editor with slightly more advanced capabilities and want to create professional-looking videos for your business or personal social media profiles, then InVideo is the way to go.;

You can still capture the amazing moments of your journey with your mobile device, transfer the videos to your PC, upload them to InVideo, and create breathtaking videos with our powerful platform.;

Get started with InVideo today for free and enhance your online presence with breathtaking videos!

Put Music To Any Instagram Post In 2021

According to a tweet by Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app. Rightly so, creators and businesses on Instagram now need to take a step further and provide a richer content experience, especially in the form of quality video posts. One way of leveling up your Instagram game is to add music to your posts – whether its Instagram Stories, Reels, Feed video posts or IGTV videos. In this article youll learn:;

Not just that, but if you stick around till the end, we have also shared a bonus list of top 5 sites where you can find free music to add to your Instagram posts. Lets dive right in.

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How To Add Music To Instagram Feed And Igtv Videos

Instagram music is restricted to Stories and Reels when using the app. However, there is so much opportunity to create interesting videos for your feed and IGTV. If you are wondering how to add music to your Instagram video posts or IGTV videos, the simplest way you can do this is using an online editor like InVideo.;

For this, you simply need to sign-up for a free InVideo account if you haven’t already! If you just want to add text and music to an existing video, simply start with a blank canvas. To do this – select the Blank Canvas option. Make sure you choose the – 1:1 and 16:9 for Instagram feed videos and 9:16 for IGTV videos.

Once you are in the editor, you can simply follow the same exact steps discussed previously for adding your own music to Instagram stories and reels.

Using Music On Instagram Posts


Yes, timeline video posts allow copyright music use as long as you meet certain conditions. The music clip used should be short, it requires a video component, and you should credit the artist. You will have more leeway when using recordings of live performances. The video post must also have a visual element.

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Instagrams Policies On Music

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram has issued an official statement in an attempt to clarify their music guidelines and explain further where they stand on the topic.;

From the post, its evident that the platform understands the importance of music and its role in building and maintaining online communities. At the same time, Instagram wants to make sure that they uphold the agreements that protect artists, songwriters, and partners who are the pillars of the music industry.;

While the details of Instagrams licensing agreements remain private, there are a few guidelines you need to follow if you want to add music without fear of having your videos taken down by the moderators:

      • There are no limits on music in Instagram Stories
      • You can film and broadcast a live band, artist, or performance
      • If your video/live stream contains several full-length recorded songs, Instagram will likely enforce some limitations
      • The platform recommends shorter clips
      • The videos must have a visual componentmeaning that you cannot have videos with images and;audio-only

These guidelines apply to both and Instagram, regardless of the type of account you have .;

The limitations the guidelines are referring to can span from having a portion of your video muted or interrupting your stream to taking your videos down. They have not specified whether this means that you can play a copyrighted song for a few seconds or not, but its best to stay on the safe side and use royalty-free music.;

Bonus: Top 5 Sites To Find Royalty

Lets look at the top 5 sites you can use to find royalty-free music for your Instagram videos thats legal to use and wont land you in Instagram jail.;

1. InVideos Audio Library

If you want access to thousands of royalty-free music tracks, you can simply use InVideos in-built audio library. With access to 4000+ video templates and other media like stickers, stock footage, and text effects, this can be your stand-alone go-to for any video editing needs.

InVideo;gives you access to thousands of royalty free audio tracks and sound effects for free. You can find the best background music for your video quickly by searching according to genre or mood and add your selected track with one click. However, the drawback is that you cannot download these tracks to use them on external video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.;

That said, InVideo has all the tools you need to put together a professional quality video right from your browsereven if you have no prior video editing experience including a super intuitive;built-in video editor, over 4,000 completely customisable;templates;and;1M+ stock photos and videos.

Check out this video to learn more about how you can add free music to any video with InVideo.

2. YouTubes Audio Library

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account and go to your profile icon and click on the YouTube Studio button.;

Step 2: Next navigate to the Audio Library icon in the left corner menu.

3. Bensound

4. Mixkit

Wrapping Up -;

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